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How to Play Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is very similar to the one played in casinos, the basics remain the same. You have to make either 21 points or closest to it to win a hand, and there are as many variations online as there are otherwise. Once you know the basics of the game, you’ll find it very easy to get used to the online version of the game. If you are a novice, then it will be better to try your hand at free versions of the game before moving on to playing it with real cash.

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Basics of Blackjack

Blackjack is played with up to 8 players and a dealer, who is also part of the game. You are dealt with two cards, with options to draw more to sum the total to the closest to 21, if you hit a total of 21 then that’s a winner and will pay 3 to 2 payout instead of 1 to 1, which is otherwise played on other winning hands. If your total exceeds 21 then that’s a bust, which means you have lost the hand.

Cards from 2 to 10 hold the points equal to their face value,  King, Queen and Jack are equal to 10 points and ace holds two values i.e. 1 and 11 and can be used however is more beneficial to the player or dealer. You place your bet before being dealt with the two cards, the bets depend on the minimum and maximum amount of wagers on the said table. Mostly they are offered in $1, $5, and $100.

Some variations allow dealer to only draw one card initially and then draw the other one later in the game, however mostly the dealer deals himself two cards, one faced up and the other faced down.

Online Blackjack

Online two you first seat yourself on the table and wait for your turn to place the bet, once you are done betting, you click on “Deal” and that’s when the dealer will deal you your cards. You will be provided with a number of options depending on your next action. If ace is used as 11 points, it is called a soft hand, and if it is used as 1, then it is called a hard hand.


By pressing this button you request the dealer to deal you another card, this applies in the scenario when your total is not close enough to the target of 21.

2. Stand

You can press this button if you feel that you already have a winning bet or don’t want to risk going bust by drawing another card. It means that you are settling with the total points of your two cards.

3. Double Down

By pressing this button you double your bet, draw another card and stand. However some specific variations of the game may only allow doubling the bet if your present points are either 10 or 11.

4. Split

This icon will only be accessible if you have two cards with the same denomination. You can opt to split the cards into two separate games, but you will have to place separate bets on both the hands. You are then dealt with two separate cards for both the hands, one after the other.

5. Insurance

This option will made available to you if the dealer has an ace as the face up card. Insurance is a protection against the possibility of dealer having a blackjack, as with the ace the possibilities of a black jack increase. Mostly you are allowed insurance equal to half of your bet, and in case the dealer does have a blackjack, then you are paid double the amount. Many argue that you should never opt for insurance as it incurs more loss then it recuperates.


There are around 40 variations for playing blackjack online. Most of those variations follow the outlines mentioned above with just a few differences. One basic variation is the number of decks used for each game. Some may offer just one deck of cards or can offer up to eight decks.  You may be given the option to surrender, or allowed to double down on a split or the dealer may be asked to stand on a soft 17, all these rules vary based on specific rules.

Depositing and Withdrawing

One basic question that all players wanting to play blackjack online will have are the methods of payment and withdrawal of money. Unfortunately there is no one ultimate payment solution that is used globally. Many countries and websites have their own formats and you will have the check the casino’s cashier check to understand the method supported.

You can always press the help button and get further assistance from the detailed explanations of each step.

Play Blackjack Online